Tips on surviving flights

Everyone loves flying to a new place for the holidays. A new country or city. New food. Meeting new people. What’s not to love? But before you go to that holiday to a land far, far away, you’ve got to get on a plane.

The thought of being stuck in a small, uncomfortable seat for any more than 2 hours is something I really hate about traveling. Unless you reserved a seat in the first class or business class, you probably are stuck in a tiny space with little leg room, squashed between other people.

These tips and tricks will make your next flight (long-haul or not) bearable and more comfortable.


  • Book your seats reasonably
    • Window seat or Aisle seat? Both have advantages. Window seats are preferred for those who don’t want to be disturbed or what to see the nice view from the window. While aisle seats, have more leg space and easier to get out of your seat, the downside is having to get out of your seat every time someone from the window or middle seat wants to get out of their seat.
    • Emergency exit seats have more leg room but it requires you to be able bodied and ready to assist in cases of emergency. Also you can’t store your bag under the chair in front of you.
    • Bulkhead seats also have a lot of leg room but this is usually where families with babies in bassinets are seated. Also you don’t have any space in front of you to store you bag.
    • The front of the plane is usually quieter. Middle of the plane is louder, because you are seated nearer the engines but has a smoother ride. Back of the plane is   both noisy and bumpy and is usually where the toilets are located.


  • Dress comfortably
    • Looking good vs being comfortable? Comfort definitely wins in my book. It’s not worth the hassle walking around in heels, tight uncomfortable clothes and bringing a lot of unnecessary bling while you’re walking in the airport or running to your connecting flight.
    • In all my travels, I usually wear my comfiest jeans/ jegging/ leggings with a comfy shirt and jacket, flats or sneakers. I wear the heaviest items I have such a sneakers and jacket instead of putting it in my baggage, to save space.
    • I also avoid wearing belts or any metals on me while passing through the security checks just to make it less of a hassle of removing/re-wearing it.
    • Also, wear socks just in case they ask you to remove your footwear. This used to be done, but so far I haven’t experienced having to remove my shoes or metals while going through security. While except for Japan, they ask you to remove your belt, any metal accessories, and empty your pockets before they pat you down.


  • Bring your comfy gear
    • Packing your airplane essential items is a must for a comfortable ride. Earplugs are amazing for blocking any unwanted noise and giving you a restful sleep. Eye shades are also useful to have especially if you are one who can’t get a shut eye while the lights are on. Neck pillow can give you support while you sleep and is more comfortable than the airline pillow they provide. Scarf is also an item I always bring with me, not only does it double as a blanket it also keeps me warm while on the plane.

  • Stay hydrated
    • Airplanes are very dry and it definitely seen on your skin. The best way to hydrate is to drink up! Water and juices is available on most flights. Avoid alcohol or caffeinated beverages since these drinks can cause you to get dehydrated faster.

  • Personal toiletries
    • Spending hours on a flight with smudged makeup, oily skin, grime and dirt added with dry, flaky skin due to dehydration can making you look tired, worn out and isn’t going to make your flight anymore enjoyable. That’s why you should pack a small toiletry bag with you.
    • A small travel sized toothbrush, toothpaste and your facial products can make you feel and look refreshed after a long flight.


  • Headphones
    • A good pair of noise cancelling earphones or headphones are essential, not just for travel, but for daily life. I find that I can enjoy watching a movie or listening to music more because I can focus more on the music or movie rather than the chatter or crying around me.


  • Personal entertainment
    • Not every flight entertainment system will cater to your needs. If you find the in-flight selection of movies or shows too boring. Or in my recent trip, the flight did not offer any entertainment unless you rent their limited ipad or pre-downloaded their in-flight app, you will be stuck doing nothing or just sleeping. So to avoid boring yourself to death, prepare your own entertainment by loading up on your favorite movies, TV shows, music or ebook.


  • Snacks
    • Most flights offer in-flight meals and drinks but what if you get hungry in between? Small snacks such as peanuts, chocolate, snack bars, chips or even jellies make for a light snack. Just make sure the snacks you bring are not the type that makes a mess or has a strong, offending odor. You wouldn’t want to stink up the whole cabin, now would you? Or you could simply ask for a light snack from the cabin crew.