Of Books and Coffee


IMG_9869.jpgA book in hand paired with a nice cup of hot coffee or tea is perfect for a rainy day. What better place to spend the afternoon than the recently opened Books & Brews Cafe. The cafe is situated in the Ground floor of Mango Square Mall, just across the parking area.




The place looks simple with white and black details. The one thing that catches your eye when you enter is the shelves of books lining the walls. You are free to borrow and browse through the books but be sure to return them once your done. A definite heaven for book lovers like me.

Check out their selection of tea, coffee and sandwiches. Their sandwiches are a bit on the small side but they serve it with a nice portion of nacho chips and salsa.



They also have pies, cookies and cakes. I personally like their pies – the apple pie is delicious, albeit small.




Overall, I like the place. It is cozy, spacious with 2 sofas and plenty of tables, plenty enough for a big group and they have a good selection of books to read. So what are you waiting for? Grab a book and a nice cup of coffee and maybe a pie or two, and spend an afternoon in Books & Brews Cafe.